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More Selecpics

6 May

I’m finding it tough to get accurate representation of the green color on my iPhone camera. Like that flashed one is very misleading. So what I’ll do is show the gamut, and you can imagine the best color.






We’re Back! (the editorial we, I’m still only one person)

5 May

Closeup of the grody black paint

Case removed, ready for paint

The End Result

the t-shirt I am wearing

12 Apr

First Daisywheels of the Spring

12 Apr

This was made with my iPhone, my thumb was apparently over the microphone for the entire first half, and I held it the wrong way, but damn it I’m using this video, mostly because I don’t want to type that plat description again. So apologies for the bad video.


9 Apr

(note: this typecast is fictional, not an authentic Compass document)