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Linotype’s 125th

22 May

The Atlantic has a nice piece up today about Linotype machines, the backbone of the 20th century newspaper industry, with their distinctive keyboards and “kachunka” noises. The article makes mention of a 1979 Texas Monthly article about typesetters, which is worth a look as well. As a final cherry on top, the author recalls Updike’s Rabbit Angstrom novels, whose protagonist worked as a typesetter, and whose occupation loomed large in Rabbit Redux.. The definition of a good Sunday read.


On Film: The Bechtel Test

20 May

NBA SportsZone HD!

15 May

A Blanchard AND Thompson?

15 May

Found by one Jay McTyier at the abandoned Moser Leather Company in New Albany, IN.
Submitted by Gordon Jingers, Louisville, KY

Purple Script!

7 May

And here’s a bonus video of the machine in action: